GTA V Rain Drops 4k 8k Mod

GTA V Rain Drops 4k 8k Mod

IMPORTANT FOR ROCKSTAR EDITOR USERS: Before taking a screenshot or recording a video, Alt+Tab out of the game and then enter back in to improve the visibility of raindrops even further - I assume this is a bug but may be helpful for improving your content.

GTA V Rain Drops 4k 8k Mod

Enabling rain textures:

If you are using the Rain Enhancement Script, enable rain using a trainer and cars will become wet
If you are not using the Rain Enhancement Script, increase the dirt level of your car using a trainer (Simple Trainer recommended)
gta v rain mod

gta 5 raindrops on screen mod

How to install:

Recommended (but not required) use with Rain Enhancement Script by uPrizZ.

1) Download & Install 'Rain Effects - Enhancement Script' by uPrizZ from the link above following the included instructions
2) Use OpenIV to navigate to Grand Theft Auto V/mods/x64e/levels/gta/vehicles.rpf
3) Enable Edit Mode
4) Scroll until you find 'vehshare.ytd' and open it
5) Click 'Import' in the top left and import the 4k or 8k version of vehicle_genericmud_car.png included in this download
6) Click 'Save'

Download Link: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 40MB 
File Name: Rain Drops 4k 8k

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