GTA 5 Thor EndGame Mod Latest Version

GTA 5 Thor EndGame Mod Latest Version

Some features:

-Unarmed Melee attacks
-Mjolnir Melee attacks
-Storm Breaker Melee attacks
-Dismemberment attacks
-Charged Melee attacks
-Charged fast flight (Throw hammer)
-Energy effects in body and weapon
-Grab targets feature (enabled for peds only by default)
-Possibility to use Mjolnir and Storm Breaker at same time
-Throw weapon attacks
-Multiple target system for some attacks (Hold aim and click attack/special attack button, then release Aim to attack)
-Animated Power selection HUD with attacks preview in center
-HUD to select melee mode (enabled for controller only by default)
-Special attacks (Lightning attacks, Tornado, etc.)

GTA 5 Thor EndGame Mod Latest Version


Ctrl + N - Show mods menu
Up/Down/Left/Right (also numpads 2, 4, 6 and 8) - Navigate
Enter/Numpad5 - Select item
Numpad0/Backspace - Previous menu/Close menu

In Controller:

Hold DPad Left and press X to show the NIBMods menu
Up/Down/Left/Right - Navigate
A (Sprint) - Select item
B - Previous menu/Close menu
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Press Ctrl+D0 (the zero close to P key) to see the NIBMods spawn menu

R - Special Attack (Hold to charge)
E - Hold to select special attack
Left Mouse button - Melee attacks (with weapon, hold to charge the melee attack) 
Aim+Left Mouse button - Throw weapon (hammer/storm breaker)
1 - Equip/bring back Hammer (Mjolnir) - Its the number 1, not Numpad 1
2 - Equip/bring back Storm Breaker - Its the number 2, not Numpad 2
3 - Equip/bring back both weapons
Space - Toggle flight, hold to charge fast flight
T - Teleport to targeted entity/coordinates/waypoint
X - Charge energy
For some attacks you can hold Aim to set multiple targets pressing the attack/special attack button
W/S - Increase/Decrease fast flight speed
H - Toggle helmet (Depends on ped model and suit .ini file)


Right trigger - Special attack
B - Melee attacks
X - Toggle flight
Y - Grab target (hold aim to enter vehicle)
Left stick - Charge energy
DPad Left - Hold to show weapon equip menu
DPad Right - Hold to show special attack menu

Download Link: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 67MB 
File Name: EndGame Mod 

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