Grand Theft Auto V Openiv Tools Download

Grand Theft Auto V Openiv Tools Download

Installation and updates improvements

With this release, we are beginning to rollout our new install and update system. Here are the improvements from this first step:

1} The setup package is now smaller.
2} Download speed for updates from this version to the longer term version should be faster than previous.

Our future improvements for install and update system includes:

Small partial patches support. this may allows us update some files of OpenIV (like RDR 2 filenames databases or localization packs) without updating whole application.

Different update channels support. this may allows us to supply BETA versions before general release.

Grand Theft Auto V Openiv Tools Download

Red Dead Redemption 2 support

For Red Dead Redemption 2 support, our goal was to supply better user experience. We focused on two things: file names and bug fixes.

In OpenIV 4.0.1, we added many names for files, audio tracks and a few of text keys. Modding community found and provided many of these names and strings. to stay track of all the names and other strings we created new GitHub repository that everybody can use and contribute. you'll find it here –, during this repository you'll see all the names and strings that currently known by OpenIV, they're divided into text databases. Besides strings, it also contain set of small tools that permits you to figure with those databases and makes it easier to feature new strings yourself. Work remains ongoing , currently there's not much documentation.

Download Link:: Link1 Link2

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